At Gaki, we know there are many elements that make up a great suit.

At Gaki, we know there are many elements that make up a great suit. Most of the imperative parts are hidden, yet are crucial to the performance and longevity of the garment. Many makers in the ready-to-wear are intentionally evasive about their materials, the country of origin the composition of cloth, and the country of manufacture.

We’ve been all over the world in search of the best tailoring facilities, cloth, and materials. We are proud to offer suits made in Europe of all European cloth and materials. Specifically, we cut and sew in Greece, using Italian and English cloth from world-renowned mills, Italian interlinings, and Italian trimmings. We use traditional tailoring techniques combined with innovation to create suits that fit and perform Technology and specialized machinery create efficiencies in several areas, including pattern making, cutting, and some sewing operations, which give results that are as good or better than handwork.
There are some areas where the skill and handwork of a tailor are still needed to yield the best results, like the setting of sleeves, the felling of the collar, and the felling of the hem of the jacket, so we do these and other operations by hand.

Our design and patternmaking serve as the framework for Gaki suits. After exhaustive sampling, our designers worked alongside accomplished patternmakers to design the various components and silhouette for our Suits and dresses. We put our signature on each design that subtly enhance the lines and silhouette of the garment, consciously modern yet timeless and elegant avoiding the extremities of fashion, professional and yet feminine.

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