Founded in 1970 by George Gakis in the old commercial center of Athens, manufacturing mainly women's dresses.

It was the era of ready to wear and the company grew considerably. Encouraged of the success of the designs and realizing the opportunity to grow, our founder looked beyond our national borders to our neighboring markets in Europe.

By 1976 Gaki showed its first womenswear collection in Pret a Porter Paris, aiming to attract retailers in Europe. The success was overwhelming. Orders surpassed the manufacturing capacity for the season, with main department stores and mail offering catalogues in France and Germany showing strong interest. Over the next 30 years Gaki labels were featured in the most popular European retailers and across the world.

In France : Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Monoprix, Prisunic, Nouvelles Galleries, C+A, Kiabi, Paris France, Paridoc and La Redoute

In Germany : Voegele, Otto Versand, Neckermann, Karstadt, Kaufhalle, Bader, Baur, Arendt, ABZ, Adler, Blacky Dress, C+A, Hadeka D, Hertie D, Hettlage Sued D and Horten D.

In Switzerland : Ackerman, Charles Voegell, Jelmoli CH, Mandor, Modissa, Parpool, Spengler and Schild. In Sweden: Ahlens, Anderson Peter, Clero Danetta, Ellos S, Gulins S, Halens, J.C. in Coops, Josefssons, Lindex, Twilfit.

In United Kingdom : AIS, Burton Group, C+A, Etam GB, Evans GB, Gus Merchandise, House of Fraser GB, Perkins, Wallis. And customers in Finland, Russia, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, USA and Japan.

Over three decades of achievements in fashion and business for George Gakis, recognized on numerous occasions in the press by his peers and the government of our country as an industry leader.

In 1985 Gaki received The Golden Hermes Award for its achievements.

Today Gaki has interpreted its brand values and rich heritage in a new, updated way. Our collections offer a lifestyle concept for dressing women with a distinct sense of understated luxury that makes perfect sense. Everything from essential everyday items for business, pant and skirt suits, to leisure dresses for every occasion. Designed with relevance and crafted with credibility, linking fashion to lifestyle and function.

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