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At Gaki, we specialize on all elements the make up a great suit.

We put uncompromising care into form and fit. Every garment is individually crafted from a unique pattern that goes into multiple fittings to adjust every aspect of the design. The jacket is treated to perform and flow naturally with every movement of the body, never losing its shape and appeal. Every detail is treated with the out most importance, lapels be it notched or peaked to emphasize the design, slightly arched chest pockets and side pockets adjusted to height and balanced to complement the silhouette

What's on the inside counts just as much as the outside.

A good jacket requires careful processing on the inside to give it an elegant shape. Our process combines old-school craftsmanship and new advanced techniques to support and emphasize the balance of the pattern. The treated parts of the fabric conforms to your body's shape, allowing a perfect fit and look. Thermo-Adhesive supports, shoulder pads and detailed sleeve heads, are all selected from experienced manufacturers in Italy and Germany for quality and durable construction guaranteeing long-lasting wear.

Sourcing Fabrics through centuries of tradition and experience.

Multi-climatic & Breathable. Wool has the amazing ability to react to climates and is able to regulate your temperature in both hot & cold environments. Due to it’s unique physical structure it can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, making it the ideal fabric to draw wetness away from your body and keep you comfortable.

We select fabrics that have superior performance and are more wrinkle resistant. Not only does this give our suits a beautiful handle and drape, it means you’ll look as good at the end of the day as you did when you first put it on.

World-Class Mills. Sourcing the most respected and prestigious mills in the northern Italian region known as Biella. From Vitale Barberis Canonico, Trabaldo Togna, Zignone centuries of tradition and a masterful dominance of the craft have made these celebrated Italian mills synonymous with luxury and innovation.

Attention to Detail.

There are numerous stages involved in the making of a Gaki suit. By understanding these processes, we can further appreciate the meticulous handwork involved in the finished merchandise we see in stores. The production techniques of Gaki combine the best of modern technology and the refined sensibility and skills of a traditional craftsman. From hand-stitching your jacket arm to the shoulder and reinforcing each button, defined buttonholes to invisible front pocket stitching, your suit is being handled with care every step of the way.

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