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Luxury Suiting

Luxury Suiting

A new chapter is written when modern manufacturing responds to a contemporary need of the well-educated professional woman wishing to express her own identity with full self-assurance. A concept of fashion with taste and refinement and not a stereotype of femininity and beauty. This is a woman in search of clothes that represent her, with a passion for exclusiveness and the capacity to appreciate the exquisite elements that make a difference.

To generate meaning of substance, a special label is created. It encapsulates sophisticated minimal lines, skilled craftsmanship and the finest fabrics from most respected and prestigious mills in Europe. A creative fascination that tells the story of a single piece of garment created with infinite care over detail.

With contemporary culture as a source of inspiration, a wealth of materials and colors, a project is founded on authenticity and time. Offering new variations of traditional tailoring, pant and skirt suits expertly crafted and dresses of timeless charm. Perfect for a woman who appreciates the difference between a garment in fashion and one that's never out of it.

Our Luxury Suiting Collection is currently available only to customers visiting our Store in Athens.